10 Ways to Sell With Copywriting share on Instagram

Did you know that words are as important as the photos you share on Instagram? Thanks to this list created by SocialCaptain, the best quality Instagram follower site, you can make people buy your product by writing effective articles.

If done right and well, you can attract new customers on Instagram, encourage people to take a specific action, and inform your followers through copywriting. There are only two places to post on Instagram; above the photo and other areas other than the photo.

First of all, let’s take a look at the texts you can write in areas other than photography.

Articles Other Than Photographs

It is essential that you combine your Instagram photo with compelling and compelling articles that explain your brand’s marketing message to capture the attention of your viewers.

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So where can you write these articles?

1. Profile Name

The most primary and important part of your Instagram brand identity is your profile name. When considering the profile name you will write in this section, you should consider whether it will reflect your many branded companies or just one brand.

Often times, big brands like Coca Cola, BWM, and Nike create separate brand accounts to more effectively attract fans of certain brands.

2. Profile Description

After you set your account name, you need to write a striking explanation to explain what your Instagram account does. Will it be an article promoting your brand’s latest product? Do you want to change this part every time you share new content and give your followers new information? You have to determine this.

Instagram posts without enough engagement would do nothing. Buy Instagram Likes to enable your content to stand out in the ocean of content.

3. Photo Captions

It is very important that you explain the meaning of each photo you post in the caption section. If you are selling a product and you need to share interesting information such as the date the product will be sold, stores, and price in the caption section.

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In addition to describing the photo you shared, it is highly recommended to sprinkle people with actionable messages to trigger the sale of the product. You can examine what you can do to trigger product sales in more detail in this article.


After the photo caption, you can share extra information in the comment section to further detail your explanations. You can add more detailed information about the photo here and interact with them by responding to comments from your followers.

5. Hashtags

It will be useful to share hashtags related to the photo you share to attract new fans, increase your number of followers, and attract customer interest. In addition to the hashtags you create specifically for your brand, also choose the trendy hashtags that are unique to the sector you serve and are linked to your photo.

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Articles on Photographs

Thanks to a large number of third-party applications, it is possible to write articles on the photos you will share on Instagram.

1. Photo Recipe

You can write a line to describe things like the composition of the photograph and the environment in which it was taken.

2. Logo or Brand Identity

Not every product and company photo should be linked to your brand. However, in some cases, it will be useful to share this message, especially if you are preparing to release a new product.

3. Product Name

It is important to share the product name so that your followers know what they see when they look at the photo instead of forcing them to guess. But just like the logo, you need to be careful while doing this. Don’t do this with every photo you post. Only include the name of the product in the product introductory photos that focus on the product.