How to Drive Sales with Instagram – Best 5 tips to go crazy with Instagram Sales


How to Drive Sales with Instagram

How to Drive Sales with Instagram

Launching the right business that triggers your passion and generates sales is not a cakewalk. It requires constant monitoring and super effective social media optimization.

You can use your social media platforms to promote your brand and you can drive sales from your Instagram. But, before you invest your valuable time in social media marketing, you need to know how to promote a brand on Instagram

  • You can create a “call-to-action” on your Facebook account, and you can enable the ‘contact us, ‘call us’ or ‘mail us’ option on your Facebook page to connect with your potential customers. But, in the case of Instagram, you can need to convert your personal profile into a business account to avail such facilities. Yes, you can start it free. 
  • You may have different social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and you can open a channel on YouTube too. Make sure, you must post your Instagram ID in your promotional content and videos, and suggest your followers and friends join your Instagram. This is called the cross-promotion strategy. 
  • Now, you may wonder how to increase your Instagram sales? The easiest way is to interact with your followers. You can tag your friends with your post on Instagram, and your post will reach out to a bigger audience. 
  • Use #hashtag properly and you can use a simple trick to promote your brand. You may have some customers on your Instagram, and you can tell them to post a photo with your products and tag you on their profile. It will help you to get better exposure. 
  • Do not take a long vacation from Instagram, especially when you are using your Instagram as an effective eCommerce Marketing Strategies. Take a long break from Instagram can reduce your followers and you have to work hard to recover your audiences again. So stay online and always start with an engaging introduction for your Instagram post.  

Proper knowledge of the product, highlighting the best business resources, and creating a futuristic business perspective allows your miles to go.

You can use the DIY methods, but it is always advisable to hire a professional and certified Shopify SEO company that can guide you in the most scientific manner on how to increase Instagram sales

The SEO techniques vary, and you have to keep your web platform up-to-date with all the latest additions and plug-ins that will ensure better visibility, revenue generation, and proper sale.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous acceleration in the popularity of Shopify websites because you can easily launch your eCommerce website within a day. 

Which are the best 5 tips that you can follow to go crazy with Instagram sales? 

how to drive sales with instagram

#1. Start and manage the business or the commerce profile like a storefront or a showcase: 

It is a definite pattern to follow if you want to know the basic tactics of how to promote a brand on Instagram. Whether you sell books, paintings, software, tools or dresses, whatever the case may be, the conceptual framework should be to use the Instagram profile as the storefront. 

In offline retail stores, people can have a look at the products and then they find the suitable one for them and buy. Similarly, you can include your products through stories and albums on your Instagram.

There are several companies that launch their new products on Instagram, and you can start promoting your startup on Instagram by offering some giveaways. 

#2. You should brand your Instagram profile for easy customer access and visibility: 

It is very common nowadays that there should be a killer brand message that makes your brand stands out from the rest. It is one of the most effective eCommerce Marketing Strategies if you target how to increase Instagram sales. 

The customers always look for something that is of use to them, and at the same time, something that gives them a better opportunity for trying out new items. 

Moreover, if you are wondering how to promote a brand on Instagram, then with Shopify, you can add products, add articles, and remove duplicate URLs from the entire internal linking of the business architecture. It also gives you the benefit of different pages that should be equipped with product variants. 

#3. Each business has a signature style: 

You develop your own- It is one of the primary requisites of any business that it should have a signature style/ feature/ color combination/ catchline of its own. 

If you are confused about how to promote a brand on Instagram, then the best part will be to hire a professional SMM company that has the right knowledge of trendy Social Media techniques.

You can use a single-color scheme or use checkboard or dual patterns in order to gain maximum visibility, and therefore, revenues. 

Shopify SEO is fast, reliable and you can reap a business harvest in the best possible manner when you do not have to sacrifice your time and money to accelerate sales for your products. But, to drive sales from Instagram, you need to use some engaging content. 

For example, you can post a question with a photo, and people will surely react to your post. Follow the same strategy for few days, and you will get a large number of followers.

Then start posting your products from your Shopify eCommerce website on your Instagram, and convert your followers into your customers. 

#4. Choosing the right hashtags on Instagram that promote and flaunt your brand: 

If you are keen on enhancing effective eCommerce Marketing Strategies and looking for an opportunity of how to promote a brand on Instagram, then the best way is to use a type of hashtag for a product that enhances better visibility.

If you are conversant with the techniques of using hashtags on Instagram, then you will know that hashtags unify crowds and groups, and they convey the brand message of your company to a larger number of audiences. 

#5. The Instagram content should be personable and it should display a unique brand voice: 

How to promote a brand on Instagram? Seems to be one of the most recurrent questions that investors keep on asking when they hire SEO companies.

Personable content, which is close to the heart of the mass, something which is not artificial, or something that displays uniqueness about your brand, is surely going to be the best method if you want to promote your brand on Instagram. 


There are multiple ways and means if you are wondering on how to increase Instagram sales. Shoppers are inundated with messages, and they do not like the same, old dull pattern of products to look at. The right way is to establish not just a pro-active company goal, but to energize the best market and consumer-oriented strategies that will be a rocking hit for your company!

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