HowTo Create 15-60 mins Videos | How to Enable Long Videos on YouTube Channel

How to Enable Long Videos on YouTube Channel

How To Create 15-60 mins Videos | How to Enable Long Videos on YouTube

 Publish long videos on YouTube by just verifying the Google Account you have for uploading videos of more than 15 minutes time duration.

  • YouTube by default sets your limit to upload and publish videos that are less than 15 minutes lengthy.
  • On your Android or iPhone device, Google allows you to verify the account of yours when you are uploading long videos on YouTube. While using your desktop you can directly navigate to your Google account’s verification page.

You can by default upload videos on YouTube that are lengthwise up to 15 minutes. But this is not the story’s end as verifying your account with Google enables you to upload and post videos of up to 12 hours’ length and size-wise 128GB. Here is how you can do that.

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How to Enable Long Videos on YouTube through the Use of the Mobile Application


Your account verifying process is necessarily the same in the case of both Android and iPhone.

i) Open the YouTube application on your mobile device.

ii) Tap on that plus sign below the screen. Then tap on “Upload a video” from pop-up window.

iii) Select a video that is longer than 15 minutes.

iv) In case this is the first video that you are uploading, you will require creating a channel for the video.

v) Enter the title of your video as well as other details. Click “Next”.

vi) On the page of Select Audience, answer questions regarding whether it is intended for children. Then click on “Upload”. In case nothing happens, click the button at the back, on the top left.

vii) You have to follow instructions for verifying your Google account. You are required to get one verification code by using an automated voice call or your cellular phone.

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How to Enable Long Videos on YouTube by the Use of a Browser on Your Desktop for YouTube

i) Start the computer. Then launch any web browser.

ii) Next, open YouTube on the browser.

iii) You now need to navigate to the verification page of YouTube and log in with your ID.

iv) You’ll get certain instructions leading you t your account verification. Keep following these instructions.

v) Afterwards, verifying yourself will be essential, with the help of the verification code that you will receive on the phone number you have, via a text message or call.

vi) After completing the verification you can easily upload long videos on YouTube exceeding 15 minutes’ time limit.

So if you are a Youtuber and creating videos for YouTube is the passion of your life then just one simple verification of your Google account is all that you need.

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