Huawei Operating System is coming to Smartphone in Asia


Harmony’s update, the operating system developed by Huawei, means it will now be installed on a wide range of products, including its Smartphone.

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It was demonstrated before a rollout in Asia at a major conference broadcast worldwide on Wednesday.

There is no date yet for the global launch of the operating system.

Huawei also unveiled new SmartWatch models, tablets, and other devices, with Harmony focusing on how devices and home appliances work.

Trade sanctions imposed by the United States last year prevented Huawei devices from working fully with Google’s Android platform because it blocked access to essential applications such as Gmail.

Trade sanctions imposed by former US President Donald Trump did not stop Huawei handsets from making full use of Android but limited their functionality.

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HarmonyOS is only available on a few smart TVs so far.

However, Huawei said that it does not consider Harmony to be a replacement for Android, which is 85.4% of the phones shipped in 201.

The rest of Apple’s iOS was 14.6%, according to research firm IDC.

Other operating systems such as Samsung’s Tizen and Amazon’s Fire have failed to disintegrate the handset market.

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There are no new phones

Wednesday’s launch focused on how the new operating system works with other Internet-connected devices, such as tablets, smart speakers, and televisions.

It showed off versions of the new system running on its phones, and on two new products – the Huawei Watch and the MatePad Pro tablet.

There was no new Huawei Smartphone unveiled, with the company saying its next flagship model, the P50, did not yet have a planned release date.

But it flashed the incoming device with a partially obscure render on the back of the phone, showing four cameras included in an array of two large circles.

In its video demo, Huawei suggested that files and other content could be easily crossed between phones, tablets, TVs, and computers using the integrated HarmonyOS system.

“HarmonyOS is designed to provide glow amid a growing array of connected devices that Huawei is targeting,” commented Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight.

“Huawei hopes it can follow Apple’s lead, having a single software platform that expands in all directions, providing a seamless experience to customers who purchase into its product ecosystem.”

According to China’s official Xinhua news agency, the Shenzhen-based tech giant expects to have 30,000 million devices equipped with HarmonyOS by the end of the year.

The BBC’s China media analyst Kerry Allen says there is great excitement ahead of the launch inside China.

“How social media users choose characters for‘ harmony ’,‘ hong ’and‘ meng ’means,‘ ambition ’, and‘ kindness ’,” she said.

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“China’s youth movement, the Communist Youth League, and the Fire Rescue and Official Courts account are also promoting the new system. More than 1 million Weibo users read posts last week with the hashtag ‘TheHarneySmartphoneSismIsHere’.”

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