State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said students should be very careful about giving passwords on the internet and Facebook and sharing something on social media. Otherwise it will be in extreme difficulty. He urged the students not to accept friend requests without verification of identity.

He made the remarks while addressing a webinar titled “Girls’ Awareness in Digital Security” with the students of Singra Damdama Pilot School and College here today.

Palak said about 80 per cent of the cyber crimes in the country are being perpetrated by teenagers. Advising teenagers who have been victims of cybercrime not to be emotionally broken, he said that if someone is a victim of such a situation, they can call 999 and seek the help of the police. He said a “cyber security help desk” was being set up under the ICT department to provide technical and legal assistance to anyone whose Facebook was hacked.

The state minister said violence against women was happening in different areas. We have to prevent criminals and raise individual awareness through social movements. Besides, family and institutional education has to be taken. In order to awaken the values ​​of our children in this regard, everyone including teachers and parents should be aware. In particular, he said, children need to find out when and with whom they are joining digital platforms. Punishment through strict enforcement of the law will also play a special role in the suppression of certain crimes.

He said the four prerequisites for securing cyberspace are to create awareness at the individual level. Second, provide family and institutional education. Third, technical capabilities. Fourth, strict enforcement of the law.

He urged everyone not to share on the internet without verifying the truth.

Among others who spoke at the webinar were NM Ziaul Alam, Senior Secretary, Department of Information and Communication Technology, Abu Saeed Chowdhury, CCA Controller, Md. Anwar Islam Anu, Principal, Singra Damdama Pilot School and College. CCA Deputy Controller Hasina Begum presented the keynote address of the web seminar.