membrane keyboard

The thing that is seen quite long in front of the monitor after the computer desk is called the keyboard. And this keyboard has a huge impact on our gaming experience and typing. Many people think that the keyboard is one of them. But that is not the case. Much depends on what kind of keyboard you are using. If your budget is quite good, i.e. above Rs 3,000, then you can buy a mechanical keyboard if you want. And if it is less than that, you can buy a simple membrane keyboard. But where the price of a membrane keyboard is around 500 rupees, why is the price of this mechanical keyboard more than 3 thousand? But let’s not know what are the things on the mechanical keyboard that increase its value a lot.

The only difference is in the way the switch is activated. To activate the switch on the membrane keyboard, you need to press a key, but not on the mechanical keyboard. So there is very little pressure and so typing and gaming is quite comfortable.

So if the budget is a little better then you can buy Ekta Mechanical Keyboard.