If your phone is lost or stolen, do it now, otherwise you may be in danger

If your Phone is  Lost or Stolen  Do this immediately

If your phone is lost or stolen, do it now, otherwise you may be in danger

At present we store our important documents on smartphones. I also access bank accounts and social media accounts through mobile. As a result, the theft or loss of the phone means that our personal information is also likely to be stolen. In such a situation, we have to take care of several things so that no one can use the information on the phone. In that case, today we will tell you some strategies that will protect your personal information even if the phone is stolen. So let’s find out what to do if the phone is stolen or lost.

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How to protect stolen phone data

Block SIM card

If your phone is stolen, you should contact your telecom service provider first. Then, block the SIM card in the stolen phone. This is because, if the SIM card is blocked, the thief will not be able to commit any fraud using your mobile number or the OTP in it.

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Link Aadhaar card with any other number

Currently, the process of linking Aadhaar card with mobile number has become mandatory. So as soon as the phone is stolen, go to your nearest Aadhaar center and link this document with any other phone number. Otherwise your Aadhaar card number and data may be misused.

Deactivate UPI ID and other wallets

If your phone is stolen, be sure to deactivate the wallet of other payment apps, including the UPI ID. If you can do this in time, there will be no possibility of financial loss.

Deactivate email IDs and social media accounts

Deactivate each email ID and social media account linked to the stolen phone number. Doing so will protect all your social IDs.

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