WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app, has introduced several new features in the last few months. In recent weeks the platform has added features like a new animated sticker pack, chat search management, in-app support. Meanwhile, yesterday that the company owned by Facebook has submitted a new update (version to the Google Play Beta program. In this update, WhatsApp beta users will get several new features, including Join Missed Calls, Biometric Lock, etc. Let us know the details about these features.

WhatsApp has been working on a new feature called ‘Join Missed Calls’ for the past few months. This feature allows users to quickly join group calls in certain situations. In particular, if someone known to the contact list invites users to a group call and that user cannot join the call immediately, there will be an opportunity to join the call at a later time unless the rest disconnects the call. In other words, the next day, you will get the same benefits as in the general conference call, WhatsApp call.

Also, WhatsApp is reportedly working to further develop the app’s fingerprint lock option. The company added this special feature to the app last year to protect users’ chats. Here we discuss with, ​​what WhatsApp wants to do with the fingerprint lock feature.

Looking at those screenshots, it is known that the fingerprint lock option of WhatsApp will be changed to Biometric Lock. From then on, several options of user identity authentication will be seen to open the app. The face recognition feature will be seen on WhatsApp in the coming days. However, when opening the app, if the fingerprint lock or face recognition is not correct, other options to unlock the app will not work in any way.

These features are currently being tested. It will be available to all users in the next update of WhatsApp.