6 Simple Strategies You Must Apply On Instagram

Getting Instagram’s success is not everyone’s cup of tea. Instagram is indeed a social media platform that has reached enormous dimensions and has a very active user base. This user base on Instagram is hungry for visual content as much as possible. In addition, because Instagram is generally used on mobile devices, it is visited by people almost at all times.

Whether you want to achieve your goal in Instagram, be it to announce your name to the world and become an Instagram celebrity or to gain a little more followers and increase your interaction rates… In short, whatever your goal is, there are some tips that you must apply in the strategies you use on Instagram. Even if you are just wondering what kind of new content you should share with which new methods, these tips we will share with you will be very useful for you.

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Here are 10 ways to increase your interaction with your audience on Instagram and improve the quality of the content you share:

1. Make a collage by bringing your photos together

One of every 5 users of Instagram’s 300 million monthly users shares their photos as a collage. These people select multiple photos using third-party apps and share all of those photos as just one whole photo. In other words, he manages to fit all his photos into just one share.

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So why should you make a collage? Because one of the most perfect ways to tell a story using the photos you take is the collages you will prepare. Instead of sharing each photo individually, you can bring together all the photos related to a particular event and tell the story you want in a way that will attract the attention of your followers.

2.Use hashtags appropriate for the content you post

Hashtags are incredibly useful factors on Instagram because Instagram users all use hashtags to find custom themed photos that fit their interests. Thanks to hashtags, the content is categorized according to keywords or phrases and thus the results you encounter are filtered accordingly.

So why should you use hashtags? Because Instagram users use these hashtags at all times. Users who have beautiful photos and videos add just a few hashtags to their posts, allowing their content to gain more interaction and their profiles to attract more followers.

3.Add time-lapse videos

Instagram recently launched an independent app called Hyperlapse. Thanks to the Hyperlapse application, users have the opportunity to shoot and create high-quality time-lapse videos. Time-lapse videos are time-lapse in time-lapse videos, so it is possible to watch time-lapse videos in a very short time.

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So why should you post time-lapse videos? Because online, people get distracted very quickly and a user can only give a 1-2 second chance to a video before continuing to look at other things. Time-lapse videos allow you to concentrate people’s attention in more impressive ways, and allow you to fit much more content into Instagram’s video length limit of just 15 seconds.

4. Post at the right time of the day to make sure your followers can see your content

Although people are looking at their phones every second, your content; It needs to be shared at the most appropriate and ideal times during the week for better performance. If you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible and get more interaction, you should pay attention to the hours and days you post.

So why should you post on certain days of the week or at certain times of the day? Because according to statistics; Morning, afternoon, and afternoon hours have proven to be the most active times for Instagram. In addition, while Thursday and Sunday are the most ideal days for sharing; Instagram is not as active on Fridays and Saturdays as other days.

5. Track your Instagram stats and activities using Iconosquare

If you have a large number of Instagram followers or your content is getting high levels of interaction, it can be very difficult to follow them on Instagram. With Iconosquare, a powerful and effective application that you can use for free, you can access your Instagram profile and easily review your statistical information.

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So why should you follow your Instagram statistics? Because thanks to Iconosquare, you can examine interaction trends, determine which types of content your followers like the most, and see which time frames you have the most interaction. You can also read comments on your content using Iconosquare and write answers to them quickly and easily. With the help of this application, you can even see which followers you have lost.

6.Use Instagram Direct to message people or groups

Or are you one of those users who like to post a lot in just a few hours? Some users like to follow overly active profiles, while other users don’t. Therefore, thanks to Instagram Direct, you can share your photo or video content privately with only one or more followers, without disturbing your followers who do not like too many active profiles.

You can also buy Instagram followers Singapore to widen your reach. So why should you use Instagram Direct? Because if you want to reach a follower or user directly, it will be much more effective to use Instagram Direct instead of commenting on their content. Also with the help of Instagram Direct; Instead of sharing certain content with the whole world, you can easily share directly with small groups of followers who are interested only in that content.