Know what is popular clubhouse app, now it is coming for android

Faebook announces feature live audio rooms like Clubhouse

Know what is popular clubhouse app, now it is coming for android

All preparations are being made to bring the Clubhouse to Android as well. Last month, Paul Davison, co-founder and CEO of Clubhouse, confirmed that the app is also coming to Android. It will be launched for Android in May. Now the news is coming, Beta testing of Clubhouse Android app is happening.

In its blog post, the company said that it is making the Android beta version of Clubhouse available for some testers. Clubhouse will be available for more Android users in the coming time.

Clubhouse is an invite-only app. This audio-chat room has been very much discussed. Many big and known people have been a part of it. Clubhouse is an audio based app. Because of this, the voice of the speaker and guest is heard only by you. The speakers and guests who are talking among themselves listen to the users. Many social media domains are working on the same app or feature as Clubhouse. Many companies have also released this feature on their platforms.

It is not clear yet that Android users can become a beta tester by signing up somehow. There is still no clarity on when the clubhouse will be released to the public. There is also a lot of craze among Android users regarding Clubhouse.

In March this year, many clone apps of Clubhouse were available on Google Play Store. These apps were told by WeLiveSecurity. According to WeLiveSecurity, the Cyber ​​Criminals want to take advantage of the Clubhouse’s popularity. Through the Fake Clubhouse app, they want to put malware in users’ devices.

This malware steals users’ data. It also includes users’ passwords and bank details. BlackRock virus has been used in it. It looks like an original website and app. Because of this, users get caught in its deception.

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