New information on WhatsApp’s multi-device support feature! Four devices cannot be used

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New information on WhatsApp’s multi-device support feature! Four devices cannot be used

For a long time, various reports have come out focusing on WhatsApp’s multi-device support feature. As the speculation about it has increased, so has the expectation. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart have already told WABetaInfo that the feature will be rolled out to public beta testers in the coming months. According to reports so far, this feature allows users to use the same WhatsApp account on four mobiles (devices) at the same time. Again, even if the primary smartphone does not have internet on, the feature can be accessed with another smartphone. But recently some new information has come out about the WhatsApp Multi Device Support feature.

What is known about the Multi Device support feature of WhatsApp

One popular Lexter claims that WhatsApp may not allow them to connect multiple smartphones in their upcoming multi-device support feature. This means that when multi-device support is launched, users will not be able to use multiple phones for the same WhatsApp account. A maximum of one device can be connected at this time.

However, the company may later allow users to use more than one phone. As WABetaInfo reported earlier, WhatsApp is also working on a feature called ‘logout’ so that a user can logout from different connected devices. This feature is also expected to work as an alternative to delete accounts.

With the multi-device support feature, will users be able to use WhatsApp as before?

Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp users will not be able to send messages to users of older versions of WhatsApp on their phones if the multi-device testing beta is released. But according to leaks regarding the latest beta version, this rule has changed. If users sign up for a multi-device beta, people in their contacts will be asked to update WhatsApp to send WhatsApp messages or calls.

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