Now We Will Get the Twitter Space feature on laptops and Desktop or PC Also.

Big announcement from Twitter, you can also apply for blue tick, this is the way

Now We Will Get the Twitter Space feature on laptops and Desktop or PC Also.

The Twitter Space feature will no longer be just for mobile apps, the web browser will also be able to access the Twitter Space feature.

Twitter’s audio chatting platform Space is becoming quite popular. It has become one of the hit features of the company. Now the company is expanding its scope. It is only used in mobile apps.

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According to Twitter, now the Twitter Space is also being brought for browsers. That is, even if you are using Twitter from a web browser, you will still be able to use the Twitter Space feature.


It is worth noting that recently in India, the company Twitter space feature has been released for all users. However, to use space in other countries, there should be at least 600 followers. But this is not capping in India.

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The meaning of getting space support in the web browser means that now if you use Twitter from the browser in your laptop or computer, then you will be able to use space. Apart from this, even if you do not have an app from mobile, you will be able to use the space feature even if you open Twitter from the direct website.

The company has said that the company’s focus is on infrastructure and listening to the user interface which will adapt to the screen size. Apart from this, there is also a focus on setting a reminder for the schedule space and the company is also working on accessibility and transcription.

Twitter has shared some screenshots where the Space feature can be seen in the Twitter web interface. Significantly, Twitter is also testing the ticketed feature for the Space feature.

Ticketed space feature will be launched in America. Under this, the host will be able to give Lissner a ticket to enter his space by taking money. Some part of this will also go to Google and Apple.

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