Now you can post on Instagram Website form PC also – Learn How to do it?

Now you can post on Instagram Website form PC also

Now you can post on Instagram Website form PC also – Learn How to do it?

Until now, we could upload photos or videos using the Instagram application on our smartphones. This time Instagram changed the situation. From now on, you can post pictures and videos from Instagram website in a very easy way. That means you can do this easily from your PC.

Photos or videos can also be uploaded from the Instagram website

Hints have been available about this for several months. A Lexster named Matt Navarra had predicted this before us. This feature has finally been rolled out. Now you can easily upload photos or videos from your desktop by going to the Instagram website.

Not just uploading photos and videos. You can use various filters. In the Instagram application on the smartphone, we have the opportunity to edit photos, edit videos or use different types of filters. The same benefits can be found in the website.

How to post from Instagram website?

To post from the Instagram website, first go to the official website of Instagram. Then sign in to your Instagram account with your user ID and password.

Then you can do this in the same way we upload photos or videos to the smartphone’s Instagram app. First, click on the + icon in the site. It will be in the top right corner.

Then you just select your photo or video. After selecting, you will be asked to choose different sizes. Choose the right one. You will then have the option to adjust your photo brightness, contrast saturation, etc.

The same is true of video. Here, after selecting and uploading the video in the same manner, you can choose any one frame from the video as a cover. Then you will get the feature to turn the sound on / off among them.

When you are finally ready to post your photos or videos, you can use everything you need, from captions, tag lines, locations to hashtags. Just like we can in the Instagram app. If necessary, anyone can stop the comment from here.

After all, it’s good to know that the convenience of posting from the iPad using Instagram’s website has not yet been made available. Maybe that benefit will be brought soon too.

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