Looking for an alternative to Google Photos? Take a look at the best 6 options

Google Photos Alternatives

hose familiar with the tech world knows that Google has discontinued the ‘Unlimited’ storage feature of the Google Photos app since June 1, 2021. Until now, even though the storage space of the smartphone has run out, there was hope for the Google Photos app, where free photos and videos could be stored, but this time there is no such way.

Under the new rules, from June 1, users will get only 15 GB of free storage for storing “High Quality” and “Original Quality” photos or videos in the app. However, photos and videos that users have previously backed up to the Google Photos app will not be included in the 15 GB limited storage under the new Google Account Storage Rules. So after 15 GB, users will need to take a Google One subscription for extra storage space.

Since it was never a matter of spending money before, users would blindly choose Google Photos to save photos or videos. But when it comes to spending money, it is only natural that many people are now interested in finding out what other options Google Photos has for storing photos or videos. Below are a few such options.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a good alternative to Google Photos if you use other Microsoft services. It has a gallery view for photo storage and also has a feature for automatic image tagging. In addition, other Microsoft services will be available.

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Cost: The cost of a 100 GB storage plan without any other Microsoft service is 140 rupees per month. The Basic Storage Plan is available for free with only 5GB of storage. The Microsoft 365 Personal plan costs Rs 489 per month or Rs 4,899 per year. It will have access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint with 1TB of storage.

Apple iCloud and Apple One

If you’re deeply rooted in the Apple ecosystem, you have two choices. You can choose either an iCloud plan or a bundled subscription service called Apple One. Provides access to Apple One, iCloud storage, and Apple Arcade, TV +, and Music.

Cost: iCloud storage plan starts from Rs 75 for 50 GB, Rs 219 for 200 GB and Rs 749 for 2 TB storage. The Apple One plan costs Rs 195 per month and offers 50 GB of iCloud storage. 200 GB iCloud storage is available on the Rs 365 plan per month.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is another great option for those looking for an alternative to Google Photos. It has features like editing, sharing and allows users to share with up to 5 family members.

Cost: Amazon Photos comes bundled with Amazon Prime membership. Non-Prime members will have to spend $ 1.99 (about Rs. 150) per month for 100GB of storage.


A homegrown cloud storage platform, DigiBoxx offers free 20GB of storage space. It has features like end-to-end encryption and also supports Gmail integration.

Cost: The price of 100 GB storage plan is Rs 30 per month, while the annual plan for 5 TB storage is Rs 360.


Although seemingly a file-sharing platform, DropBox offers much more than that. It is a cloud storage platform and has features like DropBox Passwords and DropBox Transfers. It has only 2 GB of free storage, but also has a paid plan.

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Cost: Storage and other benefit plans start at 9.99 (about Rs. 730).

Flickr Pro

Flickr is a popular online photo management platform. It has a Pro feature under which users will have access to unlimited storage and other benefits.

Cost: The monthly storage plan costs 7.99 (roughly Rs. 580) while the annual plan costs $ 71.88 (about Rs. 5,200).

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