The Realme 2 Pro smartphone has started receiving the August 2020 update, which has come with major optimizations and system improvements. This over-the-air (OTA) update rollout will bring features such as the long press icon to uninstall the app from the app drawer. Apart from this, flight mode has also been optimized in this update. In addition, this update will fix some bugs and has brought the August 2020 security patch. The firmware version of the Reality 2 Pro update is RMX1801EX_11.F.10, which has been rolled out in the staged manor, so that some kind of serious bug does not affect a large number of people at once.

Realme has Realme 2 Pro For the August 2020 update Announcement Have done on your forum post. Realme says that this latest update has been released for a limited number of people initially, as if it will make sure that there is no serious bug present in this update, in the same way it will be available to a large number of people. Will be released for

Users who have not received this OTA update can also manually Here Can download from Scroll down the Reality 2 Pro page, and click download for updates. However, how to update on the page for smooth manual updates? Do follow the instructions mentioned in

According to the changelog, the latest update will optimize the default display of battery percentage, adding the Deep Cleanup feature and a launch press capability to copy IMEI. The August 2020 update will also improve the touch screen issue for Realme 2 Pro users. Apart from this, after this update the app can also be uninstalled by long pressing on the apps in the app drawer.

Talking about the changes in the notification bar, this update will optimize the flight mode in the Realme 2 Pro phone, which will not affect Bluetooth status when turned on.

According to the changelog, this update in the camera will optimize EIS anti-shake performance for Realme 2 Pro users.

This update also fixes some bugs present in the phone. The black screen problem has been rectified using the camera. The problem with using the flashlight has also been corrected with this update.

However, the recently introduced smooth scrolling feature has not been added in this update, which allows users to scroll with smoothness and speed. It is believed that in the future this feature can be added to the phone.

Realme says that the August 2020 update has been rolled out in the Staged Manor for Realme 2 Pro, which will be released to everyone as soon as it is confirmed that no serious bugs are present in the update. If you do not want to wait, then manually update this software download can do. The size of this update is 2.97GB.