Smartphone brand Realme has unveiled a Smartphone quality standard for its new users.


Realme V15

Smartphone brand Realme has unveiled a Smartphone quality standard for its new users.

Realme, in collaboration with TUV Rheinland, has jointly determined the TUV Rheinland Smartphone certificate of high reliable quality based on 3 years of cyclical experience.

The first mobile phone to receive the certificate is Realme C 21/25.

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Realme has informed that it is working with TUV Rheinland for high quality certification with the objective of taking the quality control process to the next level.

Realme has become the world’s first Smartphone brand to receive the highly trusted TUV Rheinland certification. It carries out quality control and thorough testing of all Smartphone’s to set quality standards.

After eight months of detailed studies by Realme and TUV Rheinland, TUV Rheinland has been designated as a highly reliable Smartphone certification, which is projected to serve as a quality standard in the world’s largest Smartphone industry.

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The TUV Rheinland High Quality Smartphone Certificate covers 23 key Smartphone testing processes.

These include 10 tests based on daily use conditions such as falling, durability and wear and tear, temperature, humidity, voltage fluctuations, air pressure, button life, static electricity and tests based on 7 extreme environmental scenarios and reliability of 6 components.

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