Smartphone Tips and Tricks: Never make these mistakes while charging

Smartphone Tips and Tricks

Smartphone Tips and Tricks: Never make these mistakes while charging

Smartphone Tips and Tricks: Do you also want to fast charge your phone? Although this is a useful feature for ‘Metro Life-Style’, you must know its disadvantages. Because of this, your phone may be dead. Let’s know what is the whole matter.

If you go to a shop or online site to buy a smartphone, then you must have heard the name of fast charging. Although such a term was not used till a few years ago, now it has become a part of the branding of every brand.

Smartphone brands in the last few years have added the technology of fast charging to the handset, due to which the phones get charged faster. Rapid or fast charging is a great technology in today’s fast-moving ‘metro lifestyle’.

Charging and game of the charger

The more useful this technology is, the more harmful it can be. Actually, not all smartphones support fast charging. Even if they do, there are different limits for them.

For example, in most, Samsung phones, only 18W or 25W charging is seen. On the other hand, Realme smartphones – 18W, 33W, 67W, and even now 150W are coming with fast charging support. Xiaomi is also offering to charge up to 120W.

Why is the phone dead?

Many times you must have heard or seen that people’s phones become dead or they turn off as soon as they are turned on. This type of problem is especially seen in older devices (about two years ago).

Although there can be many reasons for a device to be dead, cases of fast charging are seen in abundance. Actually, many people have a habit that they use a fast charger to charge their phones quickly.

Since fast charging support is not available on every phone, there are cases of the phone going dead. Many times users also use laptop chargers with Type-C charging to charge the phone.

Do you also do such work?

Such habits can harm you. Smartphones heat up rapidly due to fast charging and due to this many times, there is a short circuit in the motherboard. You may have to face the situation of blast on the phone. It is better that you use the original and the standard charger that comes in the box to charge your phone.

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