Spotify’s Greenroom came to compete with Clubhouse, know the difference between the two

Spotify's Greenroom

Spotify’s Greenroom came to compete with Clubhouse, know the difference between the two

Popular music app Spotify has also launched its live audio chatting platform. The company has named it Greenroom. It works like a clubhouse which has become quite popular in India. We also have the example of Twitter space.

Spotify's take on Clubhouse is an audio room app called Greenroom

Let’s know how Spotify’s Greenroom works. For this, the company has launched an app that can be downloaded from the App Store. Let us tell you that Spotify has bought a vibration named Betty Labs which works only on the live audio platform.

Betty Labs also launched the sports-centric audio platform Locker Room. Spotify has said that Greenroom will be available in 135 countries and is built for both iOS and Android platforms.

Spotify’s login credentials can be used to use it. Like Clubhouse, here too, the main user interface will show a variety of live audio rooms that you can join. Here too there is the same system as listener and speaker. The host of the room can make you a speaker if he wants.

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Apart from joining groups, users can also search and create groups based on their topic. You can start live chats and invite people.

Talking about Greenroom, its user interface is obviously different from Clubhouse, but the experience is the same. Since the Spotify music app is quite popular, the company can use the personalization tech of its app for Greenroom.

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In Greenroom, 1,000 people can join the group simultaneously, but in the coming time, the company is going to expand its scope. The good thing is that users do not need an invite here. Once the app is available, it can be downloaded and used without an invite. Clubhouse still requires an invite to use it.

Talking about the difference between Clubhouse and Greenroom, there is an option of Gems which can give listener speakers. This is a kind of token that will show how much you are appreciated. Greenroom’s live audio rooms are recorded by the company.

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