The Clone highlight of Instagram Story will presently don’t be accessible

Fleets Shut Down Twitter

Fleets are going to shut down Twitter, and this Clone highlight of Instagram Story will presently don’t be accessible

Last year, Twitter dispatched Twitter Fleets. Where after a specific timeframe your Fleet update posted on Twitter would be consequently erased. Very much like Instagram Story. This time Twitter shut down this feature.

Fleets shut down Twitter

Fleets launched Twitter just 8 months ago. Which was actually a complete clone of Instagram’s story feature. That story would have automatically disappeared within 24 hours of Fleet posting here. Twitter is going to close this Fleet.

And you will be surprised to hear the reason. Twitter says they are shutting down the feature for one reason only – low usage. In other words, as expected, Twitter users will accept this feature very nicely. That did not happen. This Fleet feature has been overused. It was hoped that more users would be engaged in the conversation.

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But that was not possible. That attempt has completely failed. Even last month they introduced an advertisement in these Fleets. Even then, they have to turn off this feature.

However, even if Twitter shuts down their Instagram story clone feature, they do not lack new features. Twitter Space has arrived. Which is actually a clone version of ClubHouse. This is called audio-based interaction from Twitter.

There are also many new features coming to Twitter. So there is nothing to be disappointed if you use Twitter Fleets. There are more new features for you.

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