The Government of India objected to Whatsapp policy, said it should be withdrawn soon



The Government of India has written a letter to the CEO of Whatsapp, taking a tough stand regarding WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. In this letter, answers have been sought regarding the new changes in the privacy policy of WhatsApp.

The year 2021 did not start well for the instant messaging app Whatsapp. The company is in constant discussion about its new privacy policy. It is also in the circle of questions because users are worried about the privacy of their personal data. After which the Government of India has recently written a letter to Whatsapp CEO Will Cathcart asking him to respond to the changes made in the privacy policy. Also asked a few questions about privacy transfer and sharing policies.

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IT Ministry said the policy should be withdrawn

Expressing concern over the changes being made in the privacy policy of Whatsapp, the Union Electronics and IT Ministry has asked the messaging platform Whatsapp to withdraw this change. The ministry has insisted on withdrawing the change in a letter to Willapphart, CEO of Whatsapp. The letter mentions that the proposed changes to the privacy policy raise serious concerns about the choice and autonomy implications of Indian citizens. The ministry has asked for the complete removal of the ‘all or nothing’ approach of Whatsapp. According to the ministry, Whatsapp says that either believes it or leave it, which is to force the users to accept a new policy.

A Whatsapp new policy was to be implemented from 8 February

Whatsapp‘s new privacy policy was scheduled to come into effect from February 8, but it has been banned for three months following objections raised by users. Regarding the changes made in this policy, Whatsapp said that it will be mandatory to accept it before 8 February. Users who do not accept this policy will be locked. Which is not acceptable to the users at all and due to this the Ministry had to intervene.