What is a Wi-Fi router and how does it work


WI-FI Router

We have many such devices in our home, which are connected to the Internet. The router is working to connect our mobile and computer to the Internet.

We see the router as a small box. But there is a lot of work going on inside this box.

A router is a kind of computer. As the name implies, it transports Internet traffic between Internet devices and mobiles and computers.

Just as traffic on the road transports vehicles coming from one side to the other, routers distribute Internet traffic to various devices. It manages what signals are coming from and where they are going.

Like a computer, it has its own CPU, memory, board, and operating system. Who manages what data to send to which device?

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If we start doing a lot of work on the laptop at the same time, the laptop starts to slow down and hang. Yes, in the same way, when you run the internet on many mobiles and computers from the same router, the problem of internet disconnection and slow running starts to appear.

Even the quality of the router you use determines how effective the Internet will be. With the development of technology, new features have been added to the router. Based on which you can easily setup and control the router.

It allows you to keep your Wi-Fi network encrypted, change passwords, rename Wi-Fi, and update firmware.

Some routers are now coming with user friendly apps. In which you can work including guest network, parental control, and usage time and network management.

The router has various ports including Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN). You can connect another router via WAN and access the Internet on laptops and computers via LAN.

LAN allows you to connect another router and access the Internet on laptops and computers.

In it you will see a small reset button. If you press this button, the settings on the router return to their default state.

This means that the setting with the name and password is changed to the old format.

MU-MIMO is the latest technology of routers with features multiple users, multiple inputs and outputs.

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This means that this type of router can transmit Internet signals well across multiple devices.

Cybercriminals can infiltrate your home network and spread malware and viruses. Therefore, to prevent this type of cyber attack, the router needs to have network level security, automatic updates, device quarantine and malware updates.

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