Your favorite Google Meet is changing, a new look is coming


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Your favorite Google Meet is changing, a new look is coming

In the Corona situation, various video conferencing apps have become a daily companion for housekeepers or students since last year; The most popular of these is Google Meet. New features and simple UI design set Google Meet apart from other apps. Google recently made a major change to the video call interface on Google’s widely used video conferencing platform. The goal of the new UI is to make settings and features more accessible. Now a new bottom bar will always be visible during any video call. This allows you to easily access all the options without having to search inside Settings. The new features that will be available in Google Meet with this new control bar are:

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  • It will show the meeting code in the lower-left corner.
  • When the screen is maximized, a clock will appear at the bottom left.
  • Microphone, camera, captions, hand rise, presentation control, more options and hang up button can now be seen in the middle.
  • Away from the camera and mic buttons, the live meeting button is placed on the far right to ensure you don’t accidentally disconnect any calls

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At the bottom right of the Google Meet screen, you’ll find meeting info, the People’s Panel, the Chat Panel, and many more meeting details, like the Activities Panel for Polls, Q&A, and Breakout Rooms.

Also, Google Meet will enable you to see what you are presenting on screen as well as other participants. You can unpin your presentation for viewing as a tile, so you can see additional participants and mute any audio in your presentation. When someone joins only for the present, there is also an option to remove the presentation from the meeting.

Google is also changing the way you appear in Google Meet. If you are in a one-to-one meeting, your self-view will be seen as a floating picture next to other participants. Google explained in detail in its official blog post, “If someone else joins or a presentation is added, your self-view will be automatically added to the grid. In both cases, you can switch between a floating picture and a grid. Your choice for future meetings will be saved. ”


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