WhatsApp can now be used on up to Four [4] Devices at Once

WhatsApp can now be used on up to FourDevices at Once

WhatsApp can now be used on up to Four [4] Devices at Once


WhatsApp has confirmed that its long-rumored multi-device support will enter public beta in the coming months, allowing users to access their accounts via four linked devices. WhatsApp can now be used on up to four devices at once. For this, the company is preparing to provide a multiple-device support system from next month.

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This feature will be available in the beta version in the first phase. Necessary modifications will be made available to all users based on the response to the version.

Speaking in an interview with WabetaInfo, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg informed about this. He also said that the WhatsApp app for iPad is under construction.

Zuckerberg has multi-device support as well as ‘View Once’, meaning that once someone sees the message, the message will disappear. This feature allows users to customize all messages as they wish.

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He said that WhatsApp will be completely secure even in multiple device support. According to him, end-to-end encryption will also be available in this feature.

Like this Zuckerberg said that the solution has been worked out as the battery consumption will be high when the message is refreshed on the same device at the same time. He said that this feature will be live soon as all the necessary procedures have been completed.

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