1000 people can join the video call at once, Telegram has brought four new features


1000 people can join the video call at once, Telegram has brought four new features

1000 people can join the video call at once, Telegram has brought four new features

For more than a year, the corona virus has been affecting our lives. And in this situation, various social media platforms and video conferencing media have become the reliance of West Bengal and the whole of India to keep in touch with distant people and keep the work-study going. And that’s why the popular messaging app Telegram (Telegram) has come up with a new feature, where a group of up to 1000 people can join the video call at once. Not only that, from now on Telegram users will be able to enjoy options including video messaging, screen sharing and video playback speed control. Let’s take a look at the details of these features.

Telegram Video Call Participant Limit

According to the Telegram, they want to bring all the people of the world under one group call. In that case, they allowed about 1,000 participants to make video calls together, where 30 users could broadcast video from both their cameras and screens. This will make it easier to organize online conferences, seminars and online concerts.

Telegram’s video message feature

At the moment the instant messaging platform has updated its video message option. As a result, if users record a video from the recording button in the chat box and send it to someone, the video will not be saved in the gallery. Please note that to use this feature, you need to switch from voice message recording option to video mode and press the button to record.

Telegram video playback speed control feature

About a month ago, WhatsApp added the option to control the playback speed of audio messages. However, Telegram users can now change the playback speed of the video. Because the app’s media player will now support 0.5x, 1.5x and 2x playback speeds. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the specified option and the speed of the call or video can be seen through it.

Screen share feature with Telegram sound

Users will now be able to share a screen when making a video call to Telegram, where background audio will be available along with video. Not only that, the video preview option can be used to make sure everything is OK while sharing the screen.

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