Use Google Meet? Google came up with a 60 minute limit for group video calls

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Use Google Meet? Google came up with a 60 minute limit for group video calls, Details are here:-

It has been heard for some time that this update is coming. Considering the current situation, that update was delayed several times and finally, this update finally came. If you use Google Meet, there is no time limit for video calling.

And from now on Google is coming down to 60 minutes group video calling limit for free Google Meet users. So if you are a Google Meet user and want to make unlimited group video calls, you need to move to a paid account.

This time Google is spreading this notification around. It is said that when you make a group video call with 3 or more participants, you will be notified only after 55 minutes of that video call. Notify that the video call is about to end. If you want, you can continue by taking a paid account.

But one thing to keep in mind is that it will not work in the case of one-to-one video calling. This rule will be for group video calling only. So for those who have been enjoying the fun of Unlimited Video Calling on Google Play for free for so long, this is definitely bad news.

This is not the first time. Google is now coming up with some new rules for many of the services that Google used to provide for free. We’ve seen this before with Google Photos. What kind of application do you use for video calling? How do you like this new rule of Google?

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