Annoyed by Captcha on the Internet? Now it is coming to an End

No More Captcha

When you open a website on the Internet, you are challenged to identify the captcha to tell if you are a human or an Internet robot. It is a hassle to mark which vehicle, which hill, and which traffic light according to the instructions given by you.

Many users are having a hard time because of this option of being able to distinguish between humans and robots. But US technology company Cloudflare is set to end it.

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The company said in a statement that it had developed another technology to separate robots and humans from the CAPTCHA alternative. According to a survey conducted by CloudFlare, every user has to waste an average of 32 seconds due to captcha.

However, CloudFlare claims that the new technology it has developed to recognize human and Internet robots will take users only 5 seconds. All the user has to do is click on it. Cloudflare also said that some websites have started using their own tools as an alternative to captcha.

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