How to Download Photos, Prints, or PDF characters without Typing

How to download anything without typing

Scanned copies of books, magazines, photographs, JPG files, PDFs, or other objects and materials can sometimes be typed on a computer or mobile phone. Typing like this is wasting a lot of your time.

Google has provided an easy option for this, from which you can easily download the letter to mobile or computer without typing. For this, you can take the help of Google Drive on your computer.

Google Drive has an inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool. With the help of which you can convert the text written in Nepali, English, or other languages ​​to Google Docs by editing the text from the printed content.

You can also use Google Lens to scan and copy any text on your mobile phone.

How to use Google Drive OCR tool from the computer?

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  1. If you like to use this feature of Google Docs on your computer, go to Google Chrome browser and open Google Drive.
  2. Now upload any picture, scanned copy, or PDF file with letters.
  3. Once the file has been uploaded, right-click and go to Open with Google Docs.
  4. Now Google Docs will open in a new tab and the characters in the file you just uploaded will be typed automatically which you can easily edit. The converted Google Docs will be saved in the same folder as the original file.

How to use Google Drive OCR tool from the Mobile?

  1. You can find this feature of Google in Google App, Google Photos, or Google Lens.
  2. Now turn it on in Google Photos to scan the gallery on your mobile phone or copy the letters in the picture.
  1. Now click on the lens as the third option at the bottom. Doing so will highlight all the letters in the picture.
  1. Click on any part of the picture and select the letters there and click on the copy text option at the bottom. Now you can paste it wherever you want.
  1. If you have opened the Gmail ID on your mobile as well as on your computer, you will see the Copy to Computer option a little later than the first copy option. Clicking on it will automatically copy the letters to your computer’s clipboard. You can easily paste it anywhere you want to type on the computer.


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  1. Also, go to the Google app and go to the camera icon at the bottom of the search box or the text option at the bottom of the Google Lens app.

Now put the letters you want to download on your mobile or computer, put them on your mobile’s camera and take a picture. Then complete the rest of the process from here, as in Google Photos.

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