Can Microsoft Defender provide adequate security on the computer?

Microsoft Defender

Can Microsoft Defender provide adequate security on the computer?

Microsoft Defender was once seen as a weak defender to protect computer devices against malware. But nowadays Microsoft Defender is making itself stronger and better.

Microsoft Defender is Microsoft’s own antivirus included in Windows Ten. But another question may arise as to how strong and secure it is.

Can Microsoft Defender provide adequate protection against a variety of harmful elements that appear online? Or does the user have to download a third-party antivirus app?

Major improvements to Microsoft Defender

In today’s world of free antivirus, Microsoft Defender is seen as a powerful player. His condition is much stronger than before. It has also been evaluated by large independent laboratories that regularly test antivirus apps.

In a real-world protection test conducted by AV Comparators between July and October last year, Microsoft Defender managed to block 99.5 percent of the threats. From this, it was able to get the advanced robot status and reach 12th place out of 17 Antivirus.

Similarly, in the 2020 test of the AV test, he had broken the integer compared to the previous four tests.

Similarly, in the fourth quarter test of SE Lab’s Home Anti-Malware Protection Report 2020, Defender was ranked fifth out of 13 with 99 percent accuracy rating. Which was considered a very pioneering place and result.

These tests also show that Microsoft Defender has been very powerful in preventing malware threats in recent times. However, it is not as powerful as some other free antivirus.

This means that no matter how strong and powerful Microsoft Defender may be, it may not be the right choice for you in the face of some other free antivirus.

Seamless integration

An important advantage of Microsoft Defender is that it integrates perfectly with Windows Ten.

Microsoft Defender is a great option for those who don’t know much about technology, especially antivirus. Because this is the default. You do not have to install any other third-party app.

But if you know about another free antivirus, you can easily download and install it.

Is Microsoft Defender suitable for your computer?

The exact answer is somewhat positive. In fact, Microsoft Defender can protect your device from common malware. It has also improved a lot in terms of antivirus engines in recent times.

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