Good news for iOS users! Google Photos launches new photo and video Editing Feature


iOS 13.6 update released

Good news for iOS users! Google Photos launches new photo and video Editing Feature

New features of video editing include trimming, stabilization, cropping, contrast, highlight control features, and much more.

Google Photos: Google Photos App is about to bring a new photo and video editing features for iOS users. Google announced the update on Monday. For so long only premium Android phone subscribers had this facility. They get the benefit of advanced photo and video editing on their mobile phones. This feature is also coming to Appleā€™s iOS from now on.

This feature includes a machine learning tool that will advise on enhanced and color pop edits. Google claims that this feature will make the iOS app come with more advanced editing skills. In addition to the photos of iOS customers, the Google Photos app will give you a new style of video editing experience.

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The new features of video editing will include trimming, stabilization, cropping, contrast, highlight control, and much more.

The announcement of the new feature of Apple Photos in iOS 15 comes at a time when this new feature of Google has been added to the iPhone at almost the same time. The Google Photos App update is now being rolled out to iOS devices. This will show how spontaneous the iPhone users are. Android requires a Google One subscription to run some photo editing features. Probably the same goes for iOS.

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Google Photos debuted as Android photo editing software in October last year. After that, in April 2021, it started being used on Android phones as an Android video editor. This application has various features like cropping, rotating video, changing different types of filters, brightness and contrast. Incidentally, the new rules have already been introduced from June 1. Smartphone photos can no longer be backed up to Google Photos for free. Only 15 GB of pictures can be uploaded for free, after that you have to pay.

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