Google is bringing amazing features, Alert of earthquake will be found


earthquake alert

There are frequent earthquakes somewhere in the country and the world. In this case, Google is going to take over soon. In some countries, Google will launch an earthquake alert feature. Google has not yet given information about when this feature will be launched in India.

Users will also get the option to turn off earthquake alerts.

Google’s Earthquake Alert was already for some areas of the US, but now it has also been issued for Greece and New Zealand. Android users will also have the option to turn earthquake alerts off and on. Users of Washington, US, received an alert about the earthquake in May last year through Google. According to a report by The Verge, Google has some limitations of this service. Google’s alert may have been received a few seconds earlier, which is not very long. People located far away from the earthquake center get its information some time back.

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Google Meet free until June

Google has decided to keep the video calling service of Google Meet, which is available to specific Gmail users, free till June this year. You do not have to spend any money for this special video calling service. Google said that now Gmail users can use Google Meet service for 24 hours without spending any money. The company will not charge any money from users for this. However, it is expected that if users use this service for more than 24 hours, then money will have to be paid.

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