Google’s tribute to the new Doodle for Father’s Day


Google's tribute to the new Doodle for Father's Day

Google’s tribute to the new Doodle for Father’s Day

Google celebrates many important days in the world through doodles on its home page. New doodles are brought. Today, on the occasion of Father’s Day, Google has come up with a new doodle. Through which all the fathers of the world are being honored and respected.

Google pays tribute to all the fathers in the world

Today you can see the change in the Google logo as soon as you go to the official homepage of Google. Stop motion is being observed there. In front are portraits of father and child. It has a Google logo with it. There are signs of love scattered with him. This doodle from Google was created by Olivia Hayen.

Google also shared how he created Google Doodles. Shared Behind the Scene. Where we can see the rough sketching of this doodle along with a few stop motions. Through this Google Doodle, Google pays homage to all fathers in the world.

We’ve seen a variety of Google doodles before. Google recently created a new doodle to mark the happy start of UEFA Euro 2020.

In order to celebrate this special day, a sticker pack has also been brought by WhatsApp. You can download the sticker pack and send it to your father. There are many unspoken things in them.

Today, the world’s fastest tech companies are paying their respects to this special day.

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