Google Drive is an online file storage service that Google provides for its users. The company offers up to 15 GB of free cloud storage. Such storage services can be used for Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, etc.

It is natural to have full storage in a regular Google account. This means that most users have completed 15 GB of limited data storage. Then they have the option to empty the storage or buy more space.

If you do not have the option to increase the storage by paying money, you can choose to remove the file from the account. For this, the method of transferring files from one account to another will be suitable for you.

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But when Google Drive content is moved to another drive, there is a hassle to delete, there is a fear that important content will be deleted and burned.

You can transfer old important content from one drive to another by opening a new Gmail account for storage backup.

Today we will tell you about the appropriate method of exchanging cloud data between two Google Drive accounts. It has both manual and automated methods.

How to move data from Google Drive

If we look at the manual process, there are very limited options available. Today we will talk about some common ways to transfer data between Google Drive.

Method 1: Direct transfer from one account to another

You can exchange data between two Google drives using the built-in features provided by the Gmail account.

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Sign in to Google Drive and go to Google Drive.

Select the special documents and files you want to send to another account.

Now right click inside the file and click on share. After doing so, a wizard appears on the screen.

Enter another account detail there and click on Advanced Settings. Press the Send button to make sure “To Owner” is granted access.

Now the file moves to another Google Drive account. Check if the file has been moved by opening a new account.

Method 2: Download and upload.

This method may be suitable for those who cannot use the above method.

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Sign in to your Gmail account.

Now go to Google Drive and select the files you want to move to another account.

Copy all the files and send them to a new folder and name that folder Export folder. This folder now appears in your directory.

Now you can download that export folder and save all the selected files in the system.

Right click on the folder and click on download option. Google Server automatically compresses all files into zip files.

Once downloaded, you can easily extract it from a single zip file.

Once the file is extracted, open another Google Drive account and upload the files and folders for another account by clicking on the ‘+‘ icon.

Method 3: Use Google Takeout

Google has also introduced another service called Google Takeout to help users archive their data. It involves a very complex process of data transfer.

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It also converts your file to another format. However, when uploading data to a new account, you can change the file format from the settings.


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