WhatsApp released these two new features for iOS users, learn how to use them

WhatsApp has released two new features for iOS users. Through the latest update, users will now be able to see large image and video previews. The disarming message feature has also been improved with this new update. Users will get these features in the latest 2.21.71 iOS version of WhatsApp.

This update has become available on Apple’s App Store. If you do not see the update, then you will get it in the coming days. WhatsApp has made it easy to view photos and videos shared on the platform. Now users will be able to check full and video without clicking.

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After sharing the image or video, you will now see the preview much larger than the small square that is visible now. This feature is yet to come in the Android version of WhatsApp. Hopefully the company can release it soon for Android users as well.

Also, after this new update, now all the participants of the group will be able to change the dispatching message settings. Previously only the administrator had the authority to control the dispensing message. However, the administrator of a group can still be ‘only admin’ by changing the group setting.


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In such a situation, only the administrator will have the right to turn the dispatching message on or off. According to the changelog, administrators can control by changing the ‘Edit Group Info’ settings. That is, WhatsApp has given users both options. That is, now users can select any one feature as per their choice.

The Disappearing Message feature was launched for groups in November last year. By turning on this feature, the message sent in the chat becomes automatically dispensed after seven days.

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