7 mistake we should not do While working on the computer

7 Mistakes we should not do while using computer

Most offices are closed during the Lockdown. Employees are working from home. The school is conducting online classes. Meetings, ceremonies, and meetings are being held through virtual means.

Even lazy people are clinging to laptops and smartphones. In this case, working on a laptop or computer should be very careful. Unintentional small weaknesses can cause great harm.

Today, I am going to give you information about what are the small mistakes that most of us make and how to avoid them.

  1. Use of crack software

Most people are using Windows computers and laptops. One of our specialties is that we try to use everything for free. For which we do not even hesitate to find many solutions.

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Instead of looking for cracked software on the internet, we try to keep the modified version or even crack the original software. Never install any kind of crack software on your computer or laptop if you have very important data on your computer or you do very important things on your computers such as banking and confidentiality.

If you are using crack software then you must have noticed that the computer system is slow. Such software can infect viruses on your computer and laptop and hackers can steal your important data.

So if you have stored important data on your computer and are doing things that should be kept secret, it would be better to stay away from cracked software.

2. Virus link

This is a weakness of the user who does not know much about computers and the internet. How often do you download songs and videos from the Internet and when do you download software?

In this case, you accidentally click on the links where you see notifications like ‘Your computer has been severely damaged’, ‘Your computer has a virus.

If you have noticed, you may have seen such notifications on your Smartphone from time to time. Along with such notification, some procedure is also suggested to remove it. Do not follow these steps even if you make a mistake.

Users who are initially learning computer or do not know much about computer are often mistaken and make mistakes. Which can cause a virus in the computer. You can close the Attic tab when such notifications are received.

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3. C drive space

At first, you may not know. Only when you store data on your computer do you begin to realize the mistake you have made. Some people do this by partitioning the hard disk. But C does not give enough space to the drive. Gradually, the problem of C-drive blossoms began to appear. So it is wise to set aside at least 100 to 150 GB for space C drive.

4. Downloading the software from the third party website

If you are downloading any software, file, or zip file from the internet, download it from the official website or reliable website whenever possible. Downloading from third-party websites increases the risk of viruses entering the computer system.

5. Use of webcam

Do not turn the webcam of the computer and laptop towards your extension. Most computers and laptops have the table turned on and their webcam turned to the bed. Married people should never make such a mistake.

This is because at times hackers may be gaining access to your computer and laptop’s webcam and monitoring or recording all activity. In such cases, the video may be leaked to the Internet or blackmailed.

Since it is not commonly used, you can tape it to a webcam. You can avoid this kind of risk by turning off the laptop or turning the webcam in the opposite direction.

6. Do not save important data on the desktop

Some of you are keeping your important files on your desktop. Never make such a mistake again as your operating system can be corrupted and crash at any time and you have to keep a new operating system.

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In this case, all the data on your desktop will be blown away forever, which can cause you great loss. So keep important data in other drives.

7. Unused software

Initially, computers and laptops run very fast and smooth. But after a couple of months, it gradually starts to slow down. This is because you have downloaded some software but have not used it at all.

It should not be deleted. The tendency to install software on the system but not delete it even if it is not in use is a big mistake. He is slowing down your computer and laptop. So go to Control Panel from time to time and delete such unused software.

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