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Did you know that hackers can steal all your personal information in a matter of seconds through the instant messaging app Telegram on your device? In fact, researchers at Checkpoint Software Technologies recently reported that hackers had embedded the code of this popular messaging app into a dangerous remote access Trojan (RAT) malware called ToxicEye, which will help hackers control users’ devices at will from anywhere remote. And once users fall into this trap, there is currently no way to escape the harmful malware.

How powerful is this toxic eye malware?

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Researchers say they have identified more than 130 Toxicoi cyber attacks in the past three months. In that case, they claim, the Trojan or RAT, a remote access to Toxicoi, enters users’ devices and steals their browsing history, cookies, passwords and other sensitive information about the device.

In addition, the researchers say, RAT also allows hackers to remotely control illegal activities such as deleting or transferring data from device systems, recording audio and video, disrupting PC processes, and removing clipboard content.

How are these toxic eye malware attacks caused?

  1. In order to send disguised malware to users’ devices, hackers first create a telegram account and a dedicated telegram bot with it. This gives hackers a way to connect directly with users via telegram chat.

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  1. Then, they can search for users’ usernames in Telegram, add them directly to the group with queries, or send a request to join.
  2. In the next step, the hackers bundle the ToxicIRAT or any other malware bot and send it to all these users by email. For example, researchers say, hackers send bundles with trusted names such as “paypal checker by saint.exe” to mislead users.
  3. Once you open this Trojan file, your device will be connected to the hacker’s Telegram account.
  4. Then no matter how much you delete your Telegram account or update the system, your device system can no longer be saved from the illegal activities of hackers.