Google Drives free movies tricks: How to watch movies on google drive


Google Drives free movies tricks: how to watch movies on google drive

how to watch movies on google drive

Google Drive is a free cloud-based platform where users store and access files online. The service syncs store documents, photos, videos and others to all devices of users including mobile devices, tablets, and PCs… So here we will learn how to watch movies on google drive.

Where to get Google Drive Movies

Google Drive lets operators share movies directly with others or publicly on the web. With this in mind, you can find movies listed on a host of websites and online communities. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to share or download the content.

One way to find movies on Google Drive is with a Google search using this search: site: movies.

How to watch, save and download movies on google drive

When you want to see a link to a movie, you are just a few steps away from playing your movie, save it to your Google Drive, or download it directly to your computer.

1) Click the link to open the Google Drive movie file. You are taken directly to the player screen.

2) Select the play icon to watch the movie.

How to Play MP4 in Google Drive?

3) To download the movie to your computer, choose the download icon.

how to watch movies on google drive

4) To save the movie to your Google Drive, click the Add to My Drive icon.

how to watch movies on google drive

5) Once the movie is added to your Google Drive, you can choose to download it later. To do this, find the file in your Google Drive and right-click or double-click it to open the additional options menu. Choose Download and choose where you want to save it on your computer.

Google Drive

How to download Google Drive movie using Google backup and sync

If you want to download movie files saved in your Google Drive, you can use Google’s Backup and Sync desktop app to do so in the background. This is a good way to download a batch of movies or other content you’ve saved on your Google Drive.

  1. Download the Back-Up and Sync app from Google.

How Does Google Backup and Sync Work2. “Install” the application.

3. Once the backup and sync are completely set, you will see an app icon in the system tray area of ​​the taskbar (Windows) or in the menu bar (Mac). Select this to see an overview of the activity and a quick launch icon.

How to Set Up and Use Google Drive on the Mac

  1. Select the three-dot options menu, and then choose Preferences.

How to Download Files from Google Drive to Phone or PC

5. In your backup and sync preferences, choose Google Drive. Choose the folder or folder in which your movies are stored, select only sync these folders and click OK.

how to watch movies on google drive

Your Google Drive movies are downloaded in the background of your computer.

How to run Google Computer on your computer

There are a set of video formats, all of which are supported natively by desktop media players. Fortunately, VLC is a media player that works with a wide variety of formats and has versions for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

To install VLC on a Mac and use it to open a movie file:

  1. Go to the VLC website and choose Download VLC.

Install VLC Media Player 2. “Install” the application.

3.Launch VLC.

4. Locate the movie on your computer and either drag it to VLC or select Open Media on the Mac (or Media> Open File in Windows) to launch the file selector.

VLC app launch the file selector

Once you join, your film starts playing on its own. Your film remains in the VLC playlist until you delete it.

You can add additional movies by dragging and dropping files or choose File> File and using the file selector.

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